Bugfix release
Jan 4, 2020

This release comes with a few bug fixes and improvements.

List of the most important changes in this release:
  • Last activity of API keys is now displayed under Settings / Integrations
  • Legacy users can switch between Markdown and BBCode description rendering modes
    (applicable only for machines created before 23 Dec, 2019)
  • Remove button on machine edit view has been moved to sidebar
  • More polish translations added
  • Forced HTTPS on all URLs
  • Minor bug fixes

Major release
Dec 23, 2019

This is a major release that includes whole backend rewrite and new app-side frontend design. It is still in a beta version though :)

List of the most important changes in this release:
  • Full backend rewrite (new framework used for better security and code quality)
  • Brand new app-side frontend design
  • New login/registration views
  • Dark theme to choose in user's settings
  • Seamless layout for guests and logged in users
  • Ability to choose what happens with machines and subcategories when removing a category
  • A lot of fixes to API (but schema version still remains 1.1)
  • MyPCList project is now officially developed by Reprostar
  • PL translation (almost complete)