Retreive set of machines from user's collection

Method name Response type Requires identity Required permissions
Request MachinesSet Yes None

Request structure

Field name Type Default Required Description
limit numeric 20 No Maximum number of entries to be retreived (max. 100)
offset numeric 0 No Offset of the results set
orderBy string id No Specify by which parameter results should be sorted (id, name, manufacturer_name, manufacturer_id, type_name, type_id, is_visible, created, slug, is_standalone, is_extension, physical_state)
orderDir numeric 2 No Sorting direction (1 for ascending, 2 for descending)
ids array No Filter machines by ID (array of IDs). When specified, no filters will be applied!
onlyStandalone boolean No If true, retreive only standalone machines
onlyExtensions boolean No If true, retreive only machines that are extensions
returnFormat numeric 0 No Specify type of data to output. (0 - will output set of machine models, 1 - will output array of machine IDs)
returnPhotos boolean No If true, machine photos will be returned as an array of Photo models. By default, array of slugs is returned.


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