Machine model

Public fields

Field name Type Description
id numeric Machine ID
uid numeric Owner ID
created timestamp Timestamp of machine creation
modified timestamp Timestamp of last machine update
slug string Unique string representing this machine in user's collection
is_visible numeric Flag of machine visibility on user's gallery
description string Description of the machine (BBCode)
physical_state numeric Machine physical state (0 - Unknown, 1 - Broken, 2 - Needs repair, 3 - Partially broken, 4 - Good, 5 - Very good)
custom_name string Machine custom name (e.g. hostname)
name string Machine name
manufacturer string Related manufacturer name
manufacturer_id numeric Related manufacturer ID
year_of_production strin Year of user's machine production
type_name string Related type name
type_id numeric Related type ID
serial_number string Serial number of this machine
price string Price (stock price or user's defined)
photos array Array of photo slugs or array of Photo models - depends on GetMachinesList params
is_extension boolean True, if machine is extension to the other device
is_standalone boolean True, if machine can work on its own